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For the press
We enable meetings with the main researchers presenting their work on the Confenrence: please see for more detail this Press Release.
Our first draft version of the program has now been released
There will be a plenary session each day and then time slots with 5 to 10 parallel sessions with the different tracks. We also plan poster presentations per theme. Have a look at this draft to prepare your presentation and stay in Utrecht.
The 15th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference online
We are getting live on Twitter & LinkedIN. Join the group and get ready to discuss about your track topics with your track chair. The discussion can begin before the conference and will continue after the conference.
The excursion list has been updated
We have updated the excursion list, adding in some really interesting places in the Netherlands to discover its best practice. Don't forget to select the excursion you want to take part in when you register. There will also be a possibility to subscribe directly at our welcome desk during the conference.
Keynote speakers updated
Our keynote speaker page has been updated with pictures and biography. Don't hesitate to have a look to prepare and know our special guests who will cover different important subjects. You will also be able to go to their website and learn more about their contribution to the Global Challenge that we face.
Important Figures
The schedule is getting finished, the best papers are being reviewed for the best paper award. We have gathered more than 300 papers and expect about 50 poster presentation. The researcher will come from 52 different countries from Australia/Oceania, Asia, Africa, America and Europe. We have more then 300 people registered already and are waiting for the last participant. We will have 50 international students helping us in the organization of the conference.