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15th International Sustainable Development Research Conference
is a Climate Neutral Event

International conferences cause CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions primarily due to travelling, energy usage, overnight stays and paper use. In cooperation with Climate Neutral Group the carbon footprint for the 15th International Sustainable Development Research Conference was measured, reduced where possible and all unavoidable emissions were offset. To offset the unavoidable emissions investments were made in a wind turbine farm in Taiwan (Gold standard) and a biocompost project in Egypt (CDM) that avoid CO2 emissions and combat climate change.

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Wind turbine farm

Taiwan's principal energy sources are fossil fuels, mostly imported. The extremely low price of electricity means that hardly any investment is made in wind and solar energy technology in the country itself. Generally speaking this makes setting up such projects economically unfeasible. Climate Neutral Group is supporting the establishment of the largest wind farm in Taiwan: a project comprising 45 wind turbines that will supply no fewer than 67,000 households with green electricity. This will avoid CO2 emissions (caused by the burning of fossil fuels). Moreover, the project will make Taiwan less dependent upon imports of fossil fuels and create employment opportunities and a transfer of knowledge of wind energy technology.

Compost project

In Egypt people are used to dumping their organic agricultural waste at waste disposal sites and in the desert. This results in the anaerobic composting of the waste, thus releasing into the air the very harmful greenhouse gas methane. In this project the waste is gathered and processed in an environment-friendly way that avoids methane emissions. The result is high-quality compost that can be used as agricultural fertiliser. It improves not only soil fertility but also the capacity of the land to retain water and additionally improves the disease resistance of crops. The social impact of the project is also considerable: about 100 local people are working on the project and part of the profits are being invested in schools, childcare and facilities for the disabled.

Climate Neutral Group in a nutshell

Since 2002, Climate Neutral Group has been assisting organisations and individuals in making products, events and activities climate neutral. Being climate neutral means no longer contributing to global warming. Climate Neutral Group guides organisations on the path towards becoming climate-neutral by measuring their carbon footprint and advising on reduction, and offsetting what they can?t reduce. With hundreds of business clients and tens of thousands of private individuals, Climate Neutral Group is marketleader in the Benelux. But beyond those borders as well, Climate Neutral Group is making an active contribution to a climate neutral world. As a member of ICROA, the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance, Climate Neutral Group is pushing for the advance of rigorous quality and transparency standards. Our services are employed by a broad range of organisations, varying from the Dutch Government, TNT Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cordaid and Amnesty International. Visit us at www.climateneutralgroup.com/.

Projects by Climate Neutral Group

Climate Neutral Group invests in projects that replace fossil fuels by renewable, clean energy. The projects avoid CO2 emissions and combat climate change. Examples are wind turbine farms and hydropower plants. Also, we have several projects in which the emission of methane (a very harmful greenhouse gas) is avoided. This is the case with for example our biogas and biocompost projects. Besides countering climate change, we consider it important for our projects to make a positive contribution to the local population in the fields of employment opportunities, access to energy, improvement of living conditions, improvement of health, combating poverty, transfer of knowledge and technologies. All projects of Climate Neutral Group are verified by independent organisations accredited by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). For more information about our projects, please visit www.climateneutralgroup.com/.