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Sponsoring PhD-students living in non-OECD countries

We encourage PhD-students living in developing countries to submit their research results to the relevant tracks.
To enable them to come to Utrecht, we have a sponsor program and we organize free hosting possibilities at the houses of our students: you will be their guest, but sleeping facilities will be simple.
The sponsoring program enables us to cover the conference fee and a part of the travelling costs: each participant admissible to the sponsor program will receive 500€. Responding to many requests we have been able to raise the level of sponsorship to this level, but we expect every participant also to add their own investment in participating to the conference.
This sponsorship will be in the form of a repay after the conference, not as a waiver in advance or a donation in advance. Participants have to qualify according to the rules for the sponsoring as given on the website.
Be aware that sponsoring is on the base of 'first come, first get': we can give 35 sponsor grants in sequence of registration."

Rules for the sponsoring are:

  1. PhD-students, still working on their PhD-research or having defended their PhD thesis after September 1st, 2008 are admissible. They need to be connected to a university in a non-OECD country or in Mexico. Their status as a PhD-student has to be proven with a letter of recommendation by their academic supervisor to be emailed to the conference office;
  2. Participants need to have submitted an abstract and full paper, according to the requirements as published on the website;
  3. Their paper needs to be accepted;
  4. They need to have fully registered and paid in advance;
  5. They need to present their paper themselves during the conference; a proof of presentation signed by the track chair has to be handed to the conference office desk during the conference. Moreover, participants need to fill in a form with all relevant bank account information;
  6. Repaying of the conference fee will be done within one month after the conference;
  7. The number of sponsorships is limited; the awarding will be in the sequence of conference registration: the first registered will be the first to be awarded. The same rule applies for the free hosting.
  8. Participants can request for the sponsorship and / or free hosting on the conference registration form.